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Electronic cigarette is an electronic product that imitates cigarettes. Although it does not contain tar, it still contains many other carcinogens. [35] It has the same appearance, smoke, taste and feeling as cigarettes. The World Health Organization has conducted a special study on electronic cigarettes, and has come to a clear conclusion: electronic cigarettes are harmful to public health, and they are not a means of quitting smoking. It is necessary to strengthen its control to prevent harm to teenagers and non smokers.

On July 13, 2020, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration held a teleconference on the deployment of the special inspection action of the electronic cigarette market. The conference required that the main responsibility of the electronic cigarette stores be compacted, and that the problem of electronic cigarettes not being standardized be dealt with as soon as they are exposed, so as to resolutely prevent repetition [1]. In May 2021, CCTV revealed that a product similar to electronic cigarette appeared in the market, which is known as "the top electronic cigarette". These e-cigarettes are sold under the name of "legal leader", and artificial cannabinoids are added to them, which makes many people addicted unconsciously [30].

On March 11, 2022, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration issued the Measures for the Administration of Electronic Cigarettes, which will come into force as of May 1, 2022. It proposes that the sale of electronic cigarette products to minors is prohibited. At the same time, the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes other than tobacco flavor is prohibited. [37-39] On April 8, 2022, the State Market Supervision and Administration (the National Standardization Administration Commission) approved the mandatory national standard of Electronic Cigarette, which will be implemented as of October 1, 2022

The design of the first generation electronic cigarette completely imitates the shape of ordinary real smoke in appearance. The smoke cartridge is yellow and the smoke body is white. This generation of electronic cigarettes has been popular for several years, because its appearance is similar to real cigarettes, and it is accepted by customers in the first sense. However, as more and more people use the first generation of electronic cigarettes, especially foreign customers, they gradually found many shortcomings of the first generation of electronic cigarettes in the use process, mainly in the atomizer. The atomizer of the first generation electronic cigarette is easy to burn out, and the tip of the atomizer is easy to be damaged when replacing the smoke cartridge. Over time, the atomizer will be completely worn out, resulting in no smoke.

The second-generation electronic cigarette is slightly longer than the first generation electronic cigarette, with a diameter of 9.25 mm. The main feature is that the atomizer has been improved, with a protective cover outside the atomizer. The smoke cartridge is inserted into the atomizer, while the first generation electronic cigarette is inserted into the smoke cartridge. The two are just the opposite. The most remarkable feature of the second generation electronic cigarette is the combination of the smoke bomb and the atomizer.

The third generation electronic cigarette uses disposable atomizer smoke cartridge, which is equivalent to the disposable atomizer. It solves the previous problems, improves the quality greatly, and replaces the appearance and raw materials.


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