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What should we pay attention to when optimizing internal links?


Internal link optimization is to optimize the site's internal links. In the internal link optimization, the weight assigned is different, and internal links can improve the user experience and traffic. Today, the source code of AB website will share with you what should be paid attention to when optimizing internal links?

1. Interconnection between pages

The whole website structure looks like a spider web, with the main vein composed of columns and appropriate links between pages, linking to relevant pages of other columns in the pages of different columns.

2. Focus on links in content

When you update an article, you will add a link to the content. Generally speaking, the link of the content is higher than the navigation transmission at the top and bottom of the website. Therefore, the link optimization in the content should not be ignored.

3. Do not point the inner chain to the home page

This is a problem that many optimization personnel will encounter. The purpose of pointing all the internal links of their websites to the website's home page is to allow spiders to crawl more of their websites. However, pointing all the pages to the home page does not help the website ranking and weight, and setting will cause the website to decline.

4. Pay attention to text links and picture links with high weight

The crawling of text links and image links is different from Baidu spiders. Generally, the weight of text link transmission is higher than that of image link alt attribute transmission. We often find that an image points to a link, while the title of an article also points to the same link. When a search engine judges the anchor text, it will first record the ALT attribute of the image as a keyword, rather than the keyword of the article title. This is a problem that many people will overlook.

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